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Petrocore Sdn Bhd just beginning of shipping business was in Jan 2012 is one of Bumiputra' s independent, reliable and a well grounded company, persuade in a high ambition in oil and gas industry in east and West Malaysia when it is under the purview of the shipping and then later transportation divison. 100% Bumiputra' s equity and took control of the whole control operation set up, as was established with the objective to venture into the shipping industry to provide regular and efficient supply of vessels for the forestry industry export from Sabah as well as to support goverment's policy to increase Malaysian participation in the maritime sector.


To be a Leading Shipping company in the region providing safe,reliable, efficient and cost efectives services in the offshore support vessel and marine sector.


Share the goverment’s aspiration to be a strong maritime nation.Leveraging on core business to further expand into other maritimes activities. As a business entity to continously strive to improve on the quality of our services to our customers, care for the nation, employees and environment.